Your preschooler's development (29 to 30 months)

Your preschooler's development (29 to 30 months)

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By now your child should be able to put on an article of clothing and name about six body parts. She might also be able to balance on one foot for a couple of seconds or identify one color.

Greater curiosity about others

At this age, she might be able to identify one friend by name. And as she grows more aware of what others are thinking and feeling, she'll become more interested in playing with other children.

Encouraging creativity

Messiness is an integral part of children's artistic play, so don't worry about the disorder and clutter that seem to go hand in hand with her creative endeavors. When she's done with a project, you can teach her that cleaning up is part of the game. Even though her artwork might not look like anything but scribbles, admire and respect it and you'll give her the confidence to keep expressing herself.

Talking to your toddler

You can help build your toddler's verbal skills by expanding on what she says. For instance, if she says "Car go," you might say "Yes, that red car is going down the street very quickly." Model the bigger vocabulary and more complicated sentence structure she'll grow into shortly.

Toilet training

If you've already started toilet training and have questions about the ins and outs (outs, really) of the process, take a look at our toilet training center. If you haven't started yet, that's okay. Many children, especially boys, aren't quite ready for the potty. Keep watching for the signs of readiness.

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