Shop talk: Which baby product has been surprisingly helpful?

Shop talk: Which baby product has been surprisingly helpful?

Though they had doubts at first, moms became true believers after seeing how helpful these gifts were. Join the conversation: Which baby product has turned out to be a real lifesaver?

Infant bathtub

"I thought baby baths were silly. Then my best friend, who has eight kids, got me one that sits in the kitchen sink and uses a continuous stream of water with a temperature gauge. We used it for every bath until our son outgrew it."
– LWMama

Rock-a-bye baby

"A baby swing! We thought at first that it might be a waste, but it works magic. It buys me time to have my lunch or emergency toilet session or a very quick shower."
– our site member

"I loved having a bouncer. I got one from my cousin and didn't think I would use it, but that thing enabled me to take many a shower."
– shell

"Our number one product we couldn't live without is our rocking cradle. It goes back and forth or side to side. Our 9-week-old will quiet down and nap in this swing, and it's the only thing she'll sleep in during the night, too."
– Lorrie

Baby carrier

"My baby carrier. My little one hates the stroller but will sit calmly for a long time if I'm carrying him – and it doesn't hurt me, either."
– V.H.

Baby timer

"A babycare timer. It's awesome. I used it to keep track of the last diaper change, last bottle or nursing session, even which breast side was next in the next feeding session. I even used it to time my contractions. You can also use it to time medications. I can't say enough good things about this little gadget!"
– rooth

Feeding support

"The breastfeeding pillow. I love that thing! I sleep on it now, but it's such a nice gift, even if you're not breastfeeding. It has lots of uses for mother and baby. I give it five stars!"
– mommyof2

"We used our breastfeeding pillow to help our son sit up, in all sorts of circumstances – in a restaurant, at a friend's house, in the bathtub (under supervision), while getting haircuts. So many uses, and it's not too expensive."
– GSFamily

Mattress protection

"Crib pads! Oh my gosh, I figured I wouldn't use them. Wrong! I ended up going out and buying more. They are perfect to save the crib's mattress from getting wet if the baby pees through the diaper at night. Lifesaver for sure. Now when someone's having a baby, I always include crib pads and explain how useful they are."
– d_mama

Formula gadget

"A formula dispenser. So much easier than carrying around a whole package of formula!"
– Mom 28

Diapering help

"When I got a peepee blocker at the baby shower, I thought it was a gag gift, but we ended up using it every single time we changed our son's diaper."
– Bliss

Silly toys

"I thought the pricey giraffe squeaky toy was silly. It's pretty weird looking, and I never thought our kid would play with it. It ended being a constant fixture from age 3 months to 10 months. Its size and design are perfect for tiny hands that are just learning to grasp. Once our daughter had better hand control, it became an ideal teether. The legs were perfect for gnawing, and she hardly used any other teething toys we gave her."
– Roch


"The nightgowns for babies that open at the bottom and have mitten sleeves to keep them from scratching themselves."
– mommybr

"Sleep sacks! I never would have bought them myself, but came to find I couldn't live without them. They're made of cotton or fleece, so they're suitable for every climate, and they give me such peace of mind that the baby is staying covered with no risk of suffocation."
– mjoy

"Sleepers that zip instead of button make nighttime changes so much easier."
– Laurie

Sound machine

"I could not have raised my children without the aid of a white noise maker. Seriously, it put my kids to sleep from birth to age 3!"
– maureen

Swaddling blankets

"Swaddling blankets with Velcro. I couldn't have lived without those. We called them li'l baby straitjackets, but they were perfect for keeping the baby swaddled."
– Angelina

"After swaddling worked a miracle on my fussy baby, swaddling blankets are the only baby gifts I give. Period."
– eckle

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