Fredo Fox travels Nicaragua. How to prevent trafficking in children

Fredo Fox travels Nicaragua. How to prevent trafficking in children

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Pinocchio was a wooden boy who in his eagerness to live adventures left with a puppeteer who tricked him into staying in his theater so that he could get rich thanks to the wooden boy. Pinocchio was forced to perform every night and after each performance he was locked in a cage so that he would not escape.

With this story, the children of National Movement of Adolescents and Youth of Nicaragua show us how they teach other children what is human trafficking and how to prevent it. Fredo Fox, the supportive fox that travels the world in search of people and organizations that help and care for other people, has traveled to Estelí, in Nicaragua, so that we can learn about this project.

Fredo Fox, the cute little fox, shows us another of his documentaries with which he tries to get us to know the different development cooperation projects that start different organizations around the world. On this occasion, he has traveled to Nicaragua to show us how in the town of Estelí, it is the same children who teach other children what human trafficking is and what can happen to children if strangers approach them and ask them to accompany you.

Children between 9 and 10 years old supported by their monitors become 'child facilitators', that is, have a mission to teach other children how to prevent human trafficking and they do it through games, songs, puzzles or stories. His motto is 'Playing you learn'.

Human trafficking is a global problem in which thousands of men, women and children are trafficked each year and used as sex slaves or for forced labor, domestic servitude, child begging or organ removal. It is a crime that occurs both within the country itself, towards neighboring countries or even from one continent to another. Worldwide, one in five victims of human trafficking is a child.

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