The most famous baby names of 2012

The most famous baby names of 2012

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If your baby is about to be born and you don't know what name to give it yet, there are different trends to follow. Choosing the baby's name, in recent years, has become a challenge for many parents, not only because of the offer of Names What is there but because most are looking for a different name that sounds good, has a special meaning and is fashionable at the same time. What name to choose among so many?

If what you want is to give your baby a fashionable name, the names of the babies of famous people are on the rise again. In this last year, famous people had preferences for:

1- Theodora Rose - Daughter of the singer Robbie Williams

2- Rosalind - daughter of the actress Uma Thurman

3- Blue Ivy Carter - daughter of the singer Beyoncé

4- Luca Cruz - Son of the actress Hilary Duff

5- Noah Shannon - Son of the singer Megan fox

6- Olivia - Daughter of the actress drew Barrymore

7- Sienna - Daughter of the model Adriana Lima

8- Samuel - Son of actors Jennifer Garner and Ben affleck

9- Mabel - Daughter of the actor Bruce Willis

10- Thiago - Son of the soccer player, Messi.

11- Sophia - Daughter of Chabeli Iglesias (daughter of Julio Iglesias)

If, on the other hand, you want to give a classic, traditional name that is among the first names in Spanish, follow the list of the 10 most popular names in Spain, in the last year.

Boys names:


The names in Spanish most used in 2012 by Spanish parents were:

Girls names:

Do you lean towards a name for your baby? You will tell us. Luck!

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