Ideas to educate children positively

Ideas to educate children positively

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Do not do to others what you do not want them to do to you is a maxim that parents should know and take to the letter, especially when it comes to the education of children. In the education of children, all care is little. We must take care from our words to our actions, and always lead by example, because children are born imitators.

If there is something that has always moved me, it is to see how the conduct and behavior of children depends, to a large extent, on the conduct and behavior of parents or educators and their attitude towards certain problems. So when parents are able to correct their attitude, at the same time, a response is generated in the child and the change is noticeable.

Along these lines, the NGO Save the Children has presented its guide "Who loves you" on how to educate positively, in which it defends that "physical or psychological punishment is a violation of children's rights", as opposed to the majority belief of adults - in 52 percent of the cases - to think that "sometimes it is necessary to hit a child to educate him", according to data from the latest CIS survey.

"Spanking, insults or threats cause pain, sadness, fear or loneliness in children and legitimize the use of violence between generations," says the guide, while remembering that there are guidelines and tools to educate, correct or establish discipline without using physical or psychological punishment, based on respect for the rights of the child, affection and the establishment of norms and limits.

This guide also offers support to parents to get to know and understand children, offer security and stability, and dialogue with them. These are, in short, the three pillars that make up a positive education for children and that will serve to eradicate physical punishment, which is always humiliating in the family. Save the Children promotes that physical punishment in the family environment is prohibited by law to advance towards a change in the perception of violence against children.

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