Yemas de Santa Teresa to cook with children

Yemas de Santa Teresa to cook with children

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On October 15, the feast of Santa Teresa, patron saint of Avila, is celebrated in Spain. This small Castilian city attracts millions of tourists every year, who cannot resist the medieval charm of the city and its tasty gastronomy. One of the typical recipes of the region is the Yemas de Santa Teresa, perfect to celebrate this party because they are a very sweet dessert that children will love. Continue the tradition by cooking this recipe with your children, and you will both enjoy it.

It also has various activities for the little ones in which they will learn the importance of knowing different cultures and respecting them. Between wooden swords, Arabic sweets and princess dresses, fun is guaranteed. Ávila has kept its old town almost intact for centuries, which is why it makes a great impression on its visitors. I remember that school excursions made me feel transported to another time, and our children will continue to enjoy that feeling thanks to the fact that it was declared a World Heritage Site. Of course, after running along its famous walls (dating back to no less than the 11th century) what your child will most like to sit down and enjoy one of the best-known sweets of Castilian gastronomy: yemas de Santa Teresa.

A delicious dessert whose name refers to the patron saint of the city, Santa Teresa de Jesús, a nun born in Ávila in the 16th century and whose figure is still being honored in the festivities that are celebrated the week of October 15. The dessert that bears his name, also known as yemas de Ávila, has egg yolk as its main ingredient, accompanied by a syrup made with sugar, lemon and cinnamon. Ideal for children with a sweet tooth, they love them because they are very sweet and squishy. It is also an ideal recipe for family cooking, letting them be the ones to shape the dumplings, but of course, taking care to let the parents do what goes to the fire.

The origin of this dessert is popularly associated with a pastry shop in the city called 'Flor de Castilla', which began to make it no less than 151 years ago! Throughout generations the recipe was passed down secretly from father to son, so teaching it to our children is a nice way to continue this pastry tradition. Of course, due to the high calorie and fat content of egg yolks, especially in conjunction with sugar, it is not advisable to abuse it; it is best, as always, for children to consume sweets in moderation. The best way to celebrate Santa Teresa's day is to enjoy in the kitchen with our children, teach them the value of effort and introduce them to a traditional dessert with this family recipe.

Teresa Guerra. Writer of Children's Guide

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