The sailor look comes to children's fashion for children

The sailor look comes to children's fashion for children

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On a summer or weekend vacation, children can also have a fun and cheerful look, and also refreshing like the sea. Stroll through the sand, take a dip and enjoy the waves and the sun. Fashion brands are once again plunging into the tide of navy style and they introduce us to authentic fresh and salt water sailors for beach and summer days.

Tutto Piccolo, Tuc tuc or Nicoli They propose garments with bicolor stripes in white and navy and touches of color. Other brands instead bet on changing the colors of the stripes and combining white with fluorine. A look cool and comfortable ideal to combat high temperatures and heat. On our site we invite you to join our dressing room so you can see the shopping navy that we have prepared for you.

1.- Indigo Bermuda shorts Tutto Piccolo

2.- T-shirt with fluorescent stripes Zara kids

3.- Blazer Zara kids

4.- Swimsuit Knock Knock

5.- hat H&M

6.- Nautical of Chicco

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