Help, my baby comes without an instruction manual

Help, my baby comes without an instruction manual

I just gave birth a week ago and have lived these days as if I was on a cloud. I have met my baby, I have seen my partner make honey looking at his son, I have admired the satisfied faces of his grandparents, I have received flowers, congratulations, affection and love, and now that everyone has gone back to home, the baby is my responsibility and it is only for me: Help!

Experiences like this we can count all those who have been mothers for the first time. When we are pregnant, we read everything that falls into our hands to inform ourselves of everything related to our pregnancy and the newborn. Books, magazines, Internet consultations, advice from other mothers and talks with friends are common, but when after the first week of congratulations and family visits we are left alone with our baby, many of us have said or thought:Help! My baby comes without an instruction manual.

Fortunately, children are not like an appliance, their very existence is wonderful and they do not come with an instruction manual because raising a child is something that can only be done from the heart. However, it would have been very useful for all of us to resort to a bedside book to resolve some of the doubts that assailed us at the beginning. This is the idea that Blythe Lipman's book picks up, Help! My baby comes without an instruction manual, which the publishing house Oniro has just published.

The first year of a baby's life becomes an unforgettable experience, full of work and dedication for all those involved in caring for the baby. In the past, if the baby had a rash, had brushed against his diaper or had problems with his teeth, grandmother was there to the rescue to diagnose and remedy the discomfort. But today, the grandmothers live far away, on the other side of the city, and the mothers feel a bit lost and don't know who to turn to when their baby won't stop crying, doesn't sleep well, has gas or has to go back to work. The experience in raising your baby will make you see every day that you are the best manual your baby could have. With your protective instinct you can satisfy all their needs, while your confidence in yourself as a mother will grow. And there are no magic formulas or right or wrong ways of doing things in caring for the baby. Some methods work well with one baby and others with others. The way a mother acts may differ from that of others, but if the baby is happy, it means that he is doing well.

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