Snacks and sandwiches for kids with funny faces

Snacks and sandwiches for kids with funny faces

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Very funny and attractive ideas to prepare sandwiches for children


Spread the bread with mayonnaise, cut avocado strips to make the hair and the mouth. With pieces of carrot you can make the nose and eyes. Finally, two slices of radish will be the cheeks of this fun sandwich.

Spread the bread with mayonnaise or cheese. Put olive slices for the eyes, half a radish slice for the mouth, a piquillo pepper for a very long nose. The hair can be made with any vegetable sprout that you like.

In a round loaf, make a cut on one side, place several cheese cubes inside. For the ears you can use peels or pieces of fruit (papaya, melon), carefully inserting it into the bread. Complete the face with two dots of mayonnaise and a bit of ketchup 'hair'.

On the bread, place a piece of red pepper to make the mouth, an olive for the nose and two more slices to make the eyes. With two small kitchen prawns, make the eyebrows, placing them around the eyes. A few sprigs of parsley or another herb will be used to make the hair.

Spread the bread with mayonnaise, place a lettuce leaf to make the dog. Place a slice of turkey on top to make the face. With two slices of black olive you can make the eyes, and use one more piece for the nose. The eyebrows will be two pieces of parsley and the mouth will be a strip of red pepper.

Cut out two loaf circles, one smaller. Use two beetroot circles for the eyes accompanied by some red fruit that you like. Two triangles of sausage to make the ears, and another slice for the snout accompanied by a slice of cucumber and two red berries to make snout.

Nice sandwich with ears made with strips of green pepper, while a red pepper makes the mouth. Half a tomato for an eye-catching nose, cucumber slices and olives for the eyes and bean sprouts for the hair.

On a toast, place a triangle of cheese. Cut chives sticks (or any plant, parsley etc.) and stick them in the sides to make the whiskers. With two slices of radish you can make the ears and a few pieces of black olive will be the eyes of the mouse.

We will need a cardboard mold or template in the shape of a bear. Use it to cut out the outline of the bread, a slice of turkey, a slice of sandwich cheese, and a slice of cheddar cheese. Assemble the sandwich and complete the bear with fried tomato drops to make the face and the details of the legs.

For the more daring you have this sandwich, which is made by smearing the bread with cheese and placing two pieces of tomato to make the eyes. The nose and mouth are made with chilli, but for children you can use pieces of pepper or carrot.

This sandwich has a very original format. Place a lettuce leaf on the bottom cover of the bread, then a slice of tomato for the mouth, and on it a slice of ham. Roll two slices of cheese around two olives and place them on the sandwich for the eyes. Finish with another oil for the nose, place the other top of the sandwich and a lettuce leaf on top.

For the children to start eating vegetables, here is this sandwich. Spread the bread with mayonnaise or cheese. Cut a long strip of red pepper for the mouth, and a smaller strip (or a piece of carrot) for the nose. With two tomato slices you will make striking eyes, complete the face with hair made of shoots or leaves to your liking.

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