TEO goes on vacation. Children's series, chapter 10

TEO goes on vacation. Children's series, chapter 10

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TEO is a restless and curious four-year-old boy, a friendly red-haired protagonist in a series of children's stories. In the tenth chapterTEO goes on vacationwith the school kids. She learns to pack a suitcase with the help of her cousin and they discover and play on the beach, fish fish, cycle and have fun enjoying the holidays.

Through the stories we will get to know the world together with TEO: his family, his little friends and animals and through the stories he will help the little ones to live the different situations that are part of the daily life of a modern child.

TEO is an educational and fun series based on the famous collection of books "Teo discovers the world". Aimed at children and presented in a way that will stimulate the little ones to learn. Children's stories of Teo provided by brbplay

Chapter 1 - I'm TEOChapter 2 - TEO visits his grandparents
Chapter 3 - TEO walks around townChapter 4 - TEO and his cousins
Chapter 5 - TEO Goes to the ParkChapter 6 - TEO and his dog
Chapter 7 - TEO Has a Little SisterChapter 8 - TEO takes care of his little sister
Chapter 9 - TEO DisguisesChapter 10 - TEO Goes On Vacation
Chapter 11 - TEO plays at homeChapter 12 - TEO at school
Chapter 13 - TEO Has Mischief

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