Participate in the draw 'Not a live louse'

Participate in the draw 'Not a live louse'

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Do you want to win a set of pharmacy products to take care of the family, from head to toe, valued at 100 euros? All those who have detected lice in their children's hair, keep in their memory the experience of having to eliminate these nasty little critters from their children's heads. Tell us about your experience and participate in the Mitigal “Not a live louse” raffle.

  • 2 Kits for complete anti-lice treatment (with cap and spandex)
  • 2 Lice repellent (spray)
  • 2 Soothing for irritations caused by insects and plants
  • 2 Repairing and nourishing cream for the feet
  • 2 Hygiene and care for the feet.

Send us a single comment per person, until November 30, to participate in the raffle. The next day, we will publish the name of the winner on the official page of our site on Facebook, and we will notify you by email.

For this to be possible, it is an essential requirement that the contact emails are valid so that we can proceed to send the set of pharmacy products to the winning person within a maximum of 30 days, from the announcement of the result. If after this time the person does not reply to the email, we will understand it as a waiver of the prize.

Vilma Medina. Director of our site

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