The Three Steve Jobs Stories: One School

The Three Steve Jobs Stories: One School

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I think there is no better school in the world than a person's own life. By listening to Steve Jobs' insightful and motivating speech at Stanford University in 2005, I always learn. He talks about the need to connect the dots, about love and loss, and about death. His speech is a balm of encouragement, of teachings ... and why do I refer to it in this post? Well, because I think we can take their messages into account when educating our children.

His first story tells something of his adoption, of his decision to leave the University in the first year of course and despite his fears, trusting that things were going to turn out well. And also his commitment to learning calligraphy and other skills. At 18, he had no idea what he was going to do with his life. However, he was betting on what he believed that 12 years later, he joined everything he had learned and ended up creating one of the most important technology projects in history: Apple. For children, we have to help them discover what they really love and always have faith in something: in God, destiny, karma, instinct ...

In his second story, Jobs talks about his departure from Apple as one of the best events that could happen to him. He had traded the weight of success for the lightness of being a new beginner, less sure of things. She was released to work on creative projects like Next Computer and Pixar (creator of Toy Story ...). Years later, Apple acquired Next, and he returned to Apple. We must instill in children that when obstacles arise in our lives, we must not lose faith. That we should love what we are doing, because that way it will be easier to face the difficulties that we will encounter along the way and achieve our goals. Also that we do not settle for the easiest and most affordable. You have to go for dreams, beliefs and passions.

The third story of Jobs talks about death, how important limitation is in our lives so that we do not waste our time living the lives of others. He spoke about his illness and how important it is to live each day according to what you want to live. We have to engender children in the habit of living according to what they believe and expect, and not as others wish. There is no reason not to follow your heart and intuition. We must always walk feeling like something and dressed with courage.

Today, especially, I am proud to use a Mac.

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