Born on the road, a quick delivery

Born on the road, a quick delivery

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When I was pregnant, I was always worried about when I would go into labor, if I would get to the hospital on time, would I have to have my baby on the road or would I go into labor in the middle of the street. Fortunately, I had time to get to the maternity ward because my water broke at home, but the same thing happens not to all of us and if not, tell my mother or the woman who went into labor in mid-flight aboard a Malabo plane -Madrid.

When I was little I really enjoyed the story of my birth. My mother told me many times how that day was. I asked her again and again, and she recounted every detail of that moment to my delight and delight. The fact is that due to a series of mishaps, coupled with rapid dilation, I was almost born in the taxi. Within five minutes of arriving at the maternity ward, a midwife scooped me up in her arms. My mother remembers with great satisfaction and happiness how lucky she was to finally feel cared for and with her daughter safely in her arms.

The same good luck was the one for the woman who gave birth to a baby in flight thanks to the care provided by a midwife, a pediatrician and a doctor, who were traveling on the Iberia plane, which was heading for the Malabo- Madrid. The delivery occurred two hours after the plane took off from Equatorial Guinea and it was very fast. The baby weighed three kilos and is fine. It was a coincidence that a midwife, a doctor and a pediatrician traveled on that flight, which no one will ever forget, to help the mother, who was accompanied by her sister and her two-year-old son. Currently, giving birth on a plane is more complicated than going into labor and not getting to maternity in your city of residence on time. The airlines have a protocol of recommendations for pregnant women and many airlines do not allow future mothers with more than seven months of gestation to fly on their aircraft. Some are even more strict and require medical certificates. But, in this case, the baby was born in flight due to the special circumstances of his mother, who lives in Madrid, who had come to Malabo for a funeral. Despite the fact that the nest syndrome enters us and we prepare everything for the baby well in advance, and we are well aware of the probable due date, sometimes life brings us many surprises and unexpected events, which emotionally can also precipitate a birth. From these lines, congratulations to all the brave mothers who have faced their delivery in special circumstances. His courage and courage is always an example for all of us. Marisol New.

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