GuiaInfantil blog: highlights of the week

GuiaInfantil blog: highlights of the week

To celebrate that this week we have surpassed, thanks to all of you, the figure of 40,000 followers on Facebook who LIKE our site and the articles we publish related to today, we offer you a summary of the highlights of the week published in our blog.

A snack for celiac childrenCurrently, organizing a snack for children and including foods and nutrients suitable for celiacs is no longer a problem due to the large number of gluten-free products on the market. At first, it seemed very difficult for me to know for sure which products could be safely consumed by celiacs, but in practice everything turned out to be simpler than it seemed.A genetic study detects the baby's food intolerancesNow we can know if our baby will be lactose intolerant or not before he tastes milk, which affects 7.5 percent of newborns, or gluten before he takes his first cereal porridge, an intolerance that affects one in every 350 people in the world.

Do you know how to protect and take care of your baby in the pool?What care should we have with the baby in the pool? When it is hot and you decide to get into the pool with your baby, I suggest you consider some tips so that your baby fully enjoys the experience and is not exposed to the risks of contracting any disease or suffering an accident. Juggling becomes fashionable among childrenRecently, my daughter, very excited, came home telling me that her plastic teacher had commissioned her to do a craft. She asked her and her classmates to research how juggling balls are made, so that they could make them. We went to the Internet and we found many ways to juggle balls, although we stayed with the simplest, with which we ended up making a video for our site. We had a very, very fun time.The massage enhances the well-being of the babyInfant massage is an ancient tradition in many cultures that has been rediscovered in the West. Through tactile stimulation, parents are nurturing affective contact with the baby and establishing the first ties of the bond that will unite us forever.30 essential medicines to save mothers and babiesI wish we could fix all health problems without the need for medication, right? However, thanks to medication, we can cure diseases and increase our quality of life. Medicines are just as important for parents as they are for babies. That is what the World Health Organization by publishing the first list of essential medicines for mother and baby.How Much Water Should Children Drink?We all know that it is very good for children to drink water, but some do not ask for it because they still do not speak and do not know how to do it, especially babies. For this reason, parents must be attentive to meet their demand and that they are well hydrated. But do we know how much water our children should drink?Would you sacrifice your life for the lives of your children?In Lorca, after the earthquake, a mother ran and sought protection with her two children. Seeing that a construction was coming upon her, the woman in her 30s made her body a coat and a "cave" for her children. He ended up dying under the rubble, but he succeeded in saving his children. It was the screams and cries of the little ones that made their rescue possible.Is there an ideal time to wean the baby?There comes a time when all mothers who are breastfeeding wonder how long we will continue breastfeeding. Weaning is a natural process for all mammalian species, but the best time to do it is not determined. Sometimes it is imposed by the mother and other times by the baby's disinterest in breastfeeding.

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