A mom with a lot of imagination and creativity

A mom with a lot of imagination and creativity

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If there is something that I love and that fascinates me, it is the creativity that some people manage to express. There are children who, due to their naturalness and spontaneity, manage to do what they have never done before, as there are mothers who manage to make motherhood even more beautiful with their own baby. I mean these beautiful photos, which began to be taken by the Finnish publicist Adele Enersen, when her daughter Mila he was barely two weeks old.

The photos have been circulating for a long time due to the eyes of Internet users. While sleeping, Mila is the central character in different imaginary worlds. Mila is a pearl, she is a butterfly, a fairy, an astronaut, Little Red Riding Hood, a surfer, and among many other things, even hanging clothes. I will not tell you more. The best thing, if you still do not know them, is that you see them and enjoy a lot with the fantasies of a mother who makes the possible dreams of her little daughter come true.

What are they precious? Vilma Medina. Director of our site

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